How it started…

On the 20 March 2020 Boris Johnson asked Pubs and Restaurants to close their doors until further notice due to the COVID-19 pandemic. On the 31 March 2020 shipped its first order of wines and spirits. With a background in wholesale we had no choice but to adapt and overcome the challenges that both we and the industry we love were facing.

In April 2020 we added Beers and Mixers to the portfolio. Our mission is to provide people with the best choice of wines, spirits and beer with next day delivery, great customer support, competitive pricing and an easy to use platform from which to order. 

After the pub closure was announced we started thinking what could we do to protect our staff, our business which took 25 years to build and our customers which as many people now are becoming less and less.

The idea…

We needed to come up with something and delivering drinks without contact seemed like an amazing choice and it was settled. Drew up our plans, made selections on what we would sell and figured out the logistics. The plan was to follow our mission statement, and for logistics we selected several courier companies such as DHL and FedEx, each offering different levels of support. DHL were quite good on large parcels (above 12 bottle) and FedEx were quite flexible with bookings while both companies offering next day delivery. With this being settled we drew up our policies on deliveries and returns.


Next step was to find a platform with which we could deliver our services, but at the same time ensure it is scalable enough for future development. Many choices came to mind but we settled with WordPress because it offered great support, integration and scalability. 

Our next step was branding. This is an enormous decision and one which took a lot of thought. We wanted to choose something that resembled what we stood for. Something easy, simple and relatable, so from the most relatable word anyway came anyfay.  We like to think that the “F” stands for flavour and what is a good drinks with out the best flavour. With this was born.


Businesses are built upon their communities, they are the pillars for every successful enterprise. The support we’ve received from our community is overwhelming. They have pushed us and guided us, they have critiqued us and helped us become better and for this we are grateful. To those people we offer discounts of orders as well as the occasional surprise in their order ?

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You mush be over 18 to purchase from our site, this will be verified upon entry and checkout. You are not allowed to purchase alcohol under the age of 18.

Unit guidelines are now the same for men and women. Drinking alcohol can have a serious effect on your health. 

A low risk drinking guideline consists of no more than 14 units per week. That is the equation for 6 pints of 4% beer (Pint is 568ml) or 6 glasses of 13% wine (wine glass of 175ml) or 14 glasses of whisky (whisky measure of 25ml). Do not consume weekly low risk allowance at the same time but spread over the week. Find more information on Drinkware.